Who is Sheldon Adelson?
Who is

Who is Sheldon Adelson?

Who is Sheldon Adelson? The world may already know of him as one of the most significant contributors in the 2021 election. However, many people are still unaware of the man behind the name. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sheldon Adelson moved to Las Vegas with his family when he was a teenager. Eventually, he got interested in the business that would one day transform into what we know today as casinos. Following his time in the industry, he became a significant figure in the politics of America.

Today, Sheldon Adelson is one of the most potent figures globally regarding donations and influence in politics. He is currently the chair of the political club of Las Vegas and has been a member of the board of directors for casinos since 1971. Additionally, he has been a significant donor to both Democratic and Republican causes over the years. Some of the most significant Sheldon Adelson contributors have been contributors to both parties and have given millions to both.

In terms of donations to the 2021 elections, Sheldon has given President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and John McCain. In fact, out of all of the super PACS, Sheldon Adelson is arguably the single biggest donor to the presidential race. However, one may wish to put this in a different light as there is very little that is not already known about this Las Vegas billionaire. For instance, one of the things that have always been a mystery was who Sheldon owns shares. Well, today, we have an answer.

The Forward of Israel reports that Sheldon’s wife, Vivi Nachman, is listed as the largest single contributor to the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, raking in a written six-figure check. As you may recall, Adelson and her wife have been major Jewish contributors to the CA Jewish Joint Fundraisers. It was she who co-hosted a significant fundraiser for the Romney campaign at their home in Utah. She was listed on the invitation as the event’s host, Jewish singer Kaveh El Sheikh. These events were held just before the general election.

Not only did Mitt Romney win the presidential medal for his performance as the junior Senator from Massachusetts, but he also garnered enough pledged delegates to win the Republican nomination. With a combination of fundraising and political influence, the Adelson is now sitting on the presidential election stage, waiting for Donald Trump to emerge. The Forward reports that Adelsons have become a significant force in the super PAC field, donating millions to date. While it is still early, they have already poured millions into Protect the Flag; a PAC set up by Restore Our Future, the former George W. Bush administration’s presidential campaign. Further, they have funded several other super PACs, including Conservative Solutions and American Action Network.

Now, I want you to take a moment to realize how incredibly close this candidate is to the Koch brothers and Ted’s wealthy associates. He probably spends more time in Las Vegas than he does in the White House, and it appears that he might be a member of the so-called “networking community,” too, which is a Koch circle in good standing. If he were not a billionaire, he probably would not be sitting on the board of the World’s largest casino empire. Therefore, the mere fact that he has taken to playing the part of a Republican Presidential Candidate to raise money for the party shows how much we can rely on high-rollers like her associates.

The political analyst says that the Koch Brothers will have to find a new strategy if Trump becomes President in the next four years because there is no way that Ted will hold onto his House seat after the elections in November of 2021. In fact, according to The Hill, the Kochs might need to give Trump a hand in getting enough congressional Democrats to vote against him to keep the majorities in the House and Senate. However, after Obama has been re-elected, the Kochs might have an easier time advancing their agenda through either the House or the Senate.

Of course, the future of political strategy in the United States depends upon whom you ask. Will someone else step up and throw their hat into the ring? Do you have to pick a specific person, like Marco Rubio, because he is the junior Senator from Florida and was a darling of the Washington establishment, or is there a real star out there, like Sheldon? At the very least, it appears as though we will see a battle for the soul of America between the Koch Brothers and the Trump Administration. There are a lot of moving pieces in the political scene, after all. It appears as though we are headed into an exciting future if this war between Trump and the Koch Brothers continues into the next decade.

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