Mira Furlan, Where Do Croatian Actresses Sleep at Night?

When Mira Furlan became famous in the eighties, people knew instantly that she was beautiful, talented, and intelligent. She appeared in many films, TV shows, and theatre plays. She also appeared in animated forms, which is why she remains a popular name in the entertainment world today. She has been nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes but has never won any of these prestigious awards herself. Her acting prowess led to many biographies being written about her.

Mira Furlan is one of the most well-known actors from the former Yugoslavia. Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Mira was raised in California. She studied acting in both English and Serbo-Croatian, so it is no wonder that many of her lines are set to songs by the latter. However, during the early years of her acting career, she had more than a few opportunities to play leading female characters in films set in the US.

Among her best known and most appreciated roles is her recurring role as the manipulative and conniving Zagrebina in East winds. She played this character for three different films, all of which were filmed in the United States of America. She went on to play other characters throughout Europe, in both Spain and Italy, before moving back to Croatia. The first role she portrayed as a Croatian woman was Vasevski I za zakupura, made in 2021. There are several videos online where Mira Furlan demonstrates how well she can mimic a specific American accent.

In some ways, Mira Furlan is still part of Croatia’s rich entertainment heritage. Her many varied acting roles and her ability to seamlessly blend into any situation have made her one of the best known and most loved characters from the former Yugoslavia. However, it is her career in Hollywood that elevated her to international fame. After Zagreb’s success (where she appeared in four films), she landed some smaller roles in movies such as Love Actually and Edward Scissorhands. These small roles did not help her rise to stardom status, but they helped her gain popularity in the US and, subsequently, in Croatia.

But back in the day, it was in the late eighties when Mira was first offered a chance to star in a Hollywood film. She accepted the offer, landing herself a role as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua, before playing the lead role in Bosco! Alongside Michael Douglas, which resulted in him winning his only Academy Award. Shortly after, Mira returned to acting, playing recurring guest roles in television shows such as The Firm, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and Granite Mountain. In 1990, she came to her first feature role in the well-received musical, A Boy.

However, while her later career has seen many good things, her early years in the limelight were plagued by controversies surrounding her marriage to Yugoslavia’s ambassador, Aleksander Vujosev. Several reports indicated that the marriage was arranged by Vujosev himself, with the actress refusing to let the marriage become public knowledge. Though several movies were made about the union, Mira was never satisfied with the results. Finally, on 20 January 2021, Bosco! was released, providing Mira with her most significant break as a leading lady, and she indeed went to great lengths to fulfill her fans’ expectations.

In the sixth season of HBO’s drama, True Blood, which is based on a book by Charlaine Harris, Mira has been cast as a leading actress, this time playing herself. In the third episode, “Dead Zero,” which David Fincher directed, Mira finally gets to be among the main characters, after having spent the previous episodes chasing unsuspecting Thomas for his money. While this development is undoubtedly great news for all True Blood fans, it does raise a couple of questions for fans hoping to see Mira go on to bigger and better roles in the future.

If True Blood was a movie, what would its title be? The name of the film perfectly captures the question: “What if I mir and Elena had married, but their bodies were both stolen?” Even though Mira has yet to confirm whether she will indeed be a part of True Blood’s next season, Zagreb and Croatia are her most likely choices. She has also spent several years living in Zagreb, working as a journalist for several local papers. Although several Croatian locations would undoubtedly appeal to many Hollywood actresses, Croatian actors such as Mila Kunis and Mateja Korner would be best suited for Elena and Mira’s part, respectively.

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