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Was Kellyanne Conway Deleting Her Social Media Posts?

Kellyanne Conway is a senior counselor to the President in the first White House in American history. She is also a prolific author, public speaker, and political analyst. Kellyanne Conway has been an outspoken critic of the media, the press, and many other American society aspects.

Recently, during an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Kellyanne Conway addressed recent criticism that she had taken a topless photo at an event sponsored by Vice President Dick Cheney. Her defense of the action drew significant controversy, even from some members of her party. The top Republican in the U.S. House called on Mr. Cheney to resign over the incident. Kellyanne Conway defended her actions, stating that it was a show of support for the vice president and was done by modern-day society’s rules. Women should not hold office during pregnancy. Kellyanne Conway further explained:

“It’s inappropriate for a woman to be standing up there with her head bent forward as if she’s a trophy that somebody hacked out of some trophy cabinet and presented to the boss,” said Mr. Cheney. “I find that interesting that the vice president would have a women’s group to come out against a woman for showing her head rather than defending the president, which I thought was an odd comment.” Kellyanne Conway did not immediately back down from her defense of the topless photo. She referred questions about the image to “her staff” as if her position as counselor to the president were somehow an article of clothing for her. When pressed, she repeatedly referred to her “staff” as being merely advisors for the president.

This entire episode has many social media users wondering just what kind of person is Kellyanne Conway. In addition to the photo and the remark about how she is a trophy, she has also deleted thousands of posts on her social media pages. The use of special snowflakes in numerous television interviews and her deleting her entire social media page leaves many wondering if she is trying to hide something.

One speculation is that she may be trying to distance herself from Donald Trump, who is reportedly not happy with her. After all, Mr. Trump has been quoted as saying that he does not feel comfortable around her. If Ms. Conway is trying to distance herself from the vice president, that could explain why she is deleting her entire social media page. The timing of her deleting the posts may also be related to this whole controversy, as it comes right after Mr. Trump accused his wife of having a physical relationship with a foreign dignitary. At the same time, the vice president denied the charge.

Another reason why Kellyanne Conway may have deleted her social media posts could be related to her role as a communications adviser to the president. Many people speculate that the topless photo she posted may be part of her efforts to become a media professional in her new position. However, this could also be part of a long-planned publicity stunt by the first lady. Of course, we can assume that someone hacked into her e-mail account and posted the photos in hopes of embarrassing the new first lady. It is also possible that she is preparing for her role as a political analyst on CNN.

If the former vice president’s attempts at being classy are starting to backfire, it may be time for her to learn a few life lessons. For one, she should remember that she is not a child. Her advice to young women in politics might not be as good for Kellyanne Conway as it would be for a young woman who has never gone through puberty. Asking questions like, “How old are you?”

For another, she may want to consider deleting her social media accounts just in case she winds up in a situation where her photographs are being misused. For now, it appears that the former vice president is free to enjoy all of her free time on social media while avoiding any controversy. The question that remains is if other members of the administration will follow her example.

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