Johnny Manziel – A College Football Breakout

Johnny Manziel – A College Football Breakout

There is little doubt that Johnny Manziel is a talented wide receiver, and there’s no question he has NFL size and speed. I also like his work ethic and attitude, which come back to you more often than not, when you have a receiver like him. Johnny Manziel can stick on the field, learn, improve and play well. He has shown progress and toughness in big games. He is a winner, and I think, a top 5 pick in April’s draft.

If you are an offensive-minded GM and looking to add some talent to your team and build a core, you must have a big playmaker to find that talent and develop it into great players. Johnny Manziel fits the bill perfectly. He’s a great low center of gravity player who can catch the ball, and he can get yards after the catch.

What makes Johnny’s game so special is he’s never had a problem finding the end zone. Sure, people talk about Le Bron, but he’s never been an All-Pro. He has, however, won a Super Bowl, and he did it with a massive chip on his shoulder and an all around sensational playmaker. Johnny Manziel does the same thing with the running game. He’s one of the best at catching the football, and he runs excellent routes. His best trait is that he seems always to be looking to make a play.

The concern for opposing coaches and draft prospects is the accuracy on passes. Many receivers struggle with precision, and it can hurt a team’s performance. There are two problems with Johnny; the first is he doesn’t produce big plays, and the second is he’s not very consistent. Sometimes he’ll turn it over too often, and other times he’ll make a great play and then turn over the ball.

In a league like the NFL, with the vast amount of statistics available, a team needs to have a consistent star running back. That’s why there are so many options at running back. You have Knowles-led New York Giants, Thomas-freeman-led San Francisco 49ers, rookie Jay Ajayi in Miami Dolphins, rookie Knowshon Williams in Tampa Bay course Le Bron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, it will be interesting to see where Johnny goes in his career. I’ve heard Cleveland targeted him a lot and with good reason. He’s one of their better young wide receivers and needs him to replace quarterback Brian Hooper. If Johnny continues to develop as a solid all-around blocker, he has all the chances of becoming a really good wide receiver for the team in the future.

Right now, though, Johnny is looking at his first real NFL season as a backup plan. I wouldn’t be too worried if he was, because even at his current level of play, he’s one of the best young runners in this league. The Miami Dolphins gave him all the opportunities to succeed last year and delivered big time, rushing for over two hundred yards. There’s no doubt that he can do it again and maybe even get more.

Of course, no matter what happens this season, one thing is for sure: No team is going to take him before the draft. Who knows, though?

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