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John Kerry : A Life in Politics

John Kerry is an American Senator and Foreign Service officer serving as the United States High Commissioner for Climate change. Previously he served as the United States Secretary of State from 1997 to 2021. Kerry is a strong critic of the Kyoto Protocol and other greenhouse gas emissions reduction agreements made by the European Union. This has been his personal view all along. Therefore, his appointment as a special presidential adviser on the Global Environment Change is, in my opinion, a good move.

John Kerry also served as secretary of state for President William Jefferson Clinton. He tried and failed to get the UN to create a global climate change pact during his term. One can only hope that with his appointment as United States ambassador to the UN, the US may again attempt to join such international coalitions to achieve their climate change goals. The new administration is doing what it can to help countries like India, China, and Brazil cut down on their carbon emissions. John Kerry has also included Europe in this effort and has discussed the possibility of a transatlantic free trade area.

John Kerry is not the first US cabinet member to have a personal stake in the global fight against climate change. In 2021, both House and Senate Majority Leaders Thomas Dasch and John Cornyn invested millions of dollars into clean coal technology companies. Their investment into clean coal went a long way to ensure that Congress passed no legislation on greenhouse gas emissions. In 2021 President Obama signed legislation increasing the nation’s largest utility company’s capacity to emit carbon dioxide. The increase was only partially achieved because the cap was revoked months later.

John Kerry has already demonstrated his leadership skills in his time as a Senator. His efforts to strengthen American Leadership in the World and further US resolve in the Middle East are well appreciated. As the United States prepared to withdraw from Iraq, John Kerry continues to voice his support for keeping American soldiers in the country. He told reporters after the news conference that the withdrawal would not jeopardize peace in the region. With the escalation of fighting in Afghanistan, it is clear that the enemy of peace and freedom, America is on the side of the angels.

With the growing threat of global warming, John Kerry has demonstrated his belief in the power of diplomacy and nation-states’ will to meet the international community’s urgent need for clean energy. These efforts will help prevent the destruction of the planet, losing its surface area at an alarming rate. John Kerry has also made clear that the US is considering a new space program to help take astronauts to the moon and the dark side. These space exploration endeavors will indeed help in saving the ozone layer and preventing global warming.

To preserve the earth’s atmosphere and prevent global warming, John Kerry has also introduced legislation to reduce the spread of dangerous greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. This global warming initiative has been backed by France, Germany, the UK, China, the EU, and Japan, among many others. This legislation aims to cut down on carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide that cause global warming. The effort is part of the President’s” breather law,” which intends to introduce legislation into the US congress to create a national cap-and-trade system that will tax big polluting companies and use the revenues to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

John Kerry and his team have also made sure that the poor’s interests and the world’s most vulnerable people are being protected. For example, they have secured more money for the Green Climate Fund, created by former President Bill Clinton, to help poorer countries cope with the effects of climate change. Kerry has also secured more funding for Global AIDS programs and clean coal technology. With these efforts, the world is on the move towards a green world.

However, to succeed in the battle against global warming, one cannot rely on any individual or government. It is time for individuals from all walks of life to band together to make the world a better place for future generations. No matter what level of government you may prefer, it is essential to work as an international team and build a network of individuals who will work towards humanity’s common good. By participating in global warming causes, you are not just making a personal commitment towards yourself and your family. Instead, you are joining forces with many other like-minded individuals who share the same vision of a better world for the future generation.

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