John Chaney – A Greatness Well Respected in the Field of Basketball Coaching

John Chaney was a legendary college basketball coach, widely recognized for Temple University’s achievements from early 1982 through mid-2021. He was also inducted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame later that year. In 2021, he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the NCAA. Chaney led the charge against the Bowl Championship Series, a vocal critic of NCAA rules, calling it a “rigged” system that put teams in a position to lose.

John Chaney played a key role as Temple University earned three straight national titles from 1982-86. During this time, he coached one of the up and coming college basketball programs in America, the University of Alabama. His impact on the TU program is widely considered to be among the finest of his career. A tenured professor at Temple University, his contributions as an educator and administrator, are well-known.

As a college basketball coach for the Jackets, John Chaney became one of only two coaches in the sport’s history to win at least three conference tournaments in a row. His achievements earned him the respect of college coaches from around the country and beyond. Many considered him the top coach in the country, a title that he never relinquished.

Philadelphia fans who were left out of the celebration when John Chaney retired can at least take heart in the fact that their beloved coach is not in a similar situation today. Though the Philadelphia Flyers has not qualified for the NHL finals, they did reach the second round of the cup finals. It was due to the efforts and sacrifice of John Chaney and the rest of his staff that Flyers fans were able to enjoy such glary seasons. One year after he retired as the Flyers head coach, Philadelphia defeated the Montreal Canadiens in six games to cap a fantastic season.

The contribution of John Chaney highlighted the Flyers’ run to the national championship. His legendary coaching skills were recognized by national championship teams such as Canada, America, and the Soviet Union. Chaney’s contributions as a player and a coach helped shape the careers of players such as Wayne Gretzky, Jeanies Pelle, Bobby Orr, and Philadelphia Penguins’ Alex Ovechkin. No wonder then that Chaney is universally regarded as one of the all-time greats in the game.

Now that John Chaney is not coaching his national championship basketball team, he focuses on being the technical director and acting as the team’s interim leader. He enjoys managing the day-to-day operations of the hockey club while fulfilling his obligations as a coach. John is still involved in the organization as an owner of the Aerosmith songbook. His son, John Jr., is currently writing and recording a music album under the name of Aerosmith.

John Chaney is survived by his wife, Beth, and their three children, Brodie, Dan, and Nick. Though he had been diagnosed with cancer less than a year ago, he remained coaching even when he became ill. He coached the Flyers to a record-breaking 33rd victory in their last season before he passed away Friday night.

John Chaney is the greatest of all coaching coaches. His achievements as both a player and a coach are unsurpassed. Some other notable coaches who played or currently coach in the National Basketball League are Larry Brown, Mike Krzyzewski, Red Auerbach, and Billy Gillispie. It is safe to assume that others will continue Chaney’s greatness in the field of basketball management.

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