Bharat Narumanchi, Arrested After Attempted Suicide By Shooting Helicopter

Bharat Narumanchi, the dentist who shot himself in the head while practicing on an open range last week, was pronounced dead at 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday at an Austin hospital. Both he and his fellow dentist, Dr. Lindley Dodson both were found dead at the scene. After an hours-long hostage situation in Central Austin, which ended with two dead, Austin police identify Bharat Narumanchi, a 33-year-old pedicurist, as the individual behind the shooting.

Police say Bharat Narumanchi, a previous patient of Dr. Edward J. Halpern, was barricaded by an armed suspect outside the clinic. According to police, the suspect pointed a gun at Bharat Narumanchi and told him, “You’re next if you continue to stay here.” Later, according to police, the suspect barricaded the clinic’s doors and demanded that the staff leave. An assistant at the scene, identified as Bridget Patton, called 911 for assistance. When the first officers arrived, the suspect, later identified as Bharat Narumanchi, fired several shots at the first officer, who returned fire.

After an eight-hour standoff, negotiators held an 8-hour meeting with the suspect. During this meeting, police negotiator Lisa Morales stated that she was not at risk and would be out of the picture once the shooting incident was over. According to police sources, the suspect then surrendered. Sources say the negotiator was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. Authorities say they are thankful for the help from the hostage negotiator and are no longer looking for Bharat Narumanchi.

At this point, we will save the details for another time. This morning, Bharat Narumanchi’s body was transported to the morgue, where a foul odor was detected. The body was sent for cremation. It is unclear whether or not the body was burned. According to police sources, the medical office will investigate if the body’s burning caused the foul odor.

The Medical Office is investigating to determine if foul odor came from Bharat Narumanchi’s body’s burning. One of the suspects in the January hostage situation has been identified. It has been confirmed that the suspect is in his custody. This is yet another example of how police and volunteer position negotiators are working hand in hand to save the innocent’s lives. The negotiations between the police negotiator, Jani Srinivasan, and the unidentified suspect continue, with neither party budging an inch.

On Tuesday, Bharat Narumanchi was reported missing. Police and rescue workers searched the entire premises of a medical office but were unable to find him. On Wednesday, Srinivasan was questioned by detectives from the Crime Branch of the New York State Police and informed of a missing person’s existence. He is being charged with murder in the case. Earlier in the day, detectives tracked Bharat Narumanchi’s son to a relative’s home, where they found Bharat’s body.

The discovery of the body brought to light another aspect of the complicated events that unfolded on January 13th. According to police sources, Bharat Narumanchi had been hiding out at his aunt’s house for the past few days while apparently on duty at the hospital, where he supposedly underwent surgery. Surveillance cameras caught a portion of the crime scene, and images showed that a bloodied and bruised man had tried to flee from the location of the crime upon realizing that his father, Rajeshwar, was present there. He managed to enter the house through the back door.

Based on the information police received, they believe that several other suspects may have participated in the crime. The police are still looking for the person who fired on the helicopters that eventually allowed negotiators to bring in the hostage negotiators. Initial reports indicated that four people were killed during the exchange, while later accounts said that three people were killed and two people were seriously injured in the fire. The injured persons reportedly had already been detained for quite some time and later told police that the suspects were involved in the crime’s execution.

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