Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Andrew Kaczynski

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Andrew Kaczynski

Andrew Kaczynski is a reporter and blogger for CNN. He has been a foreign affairs editor at the network since 2020. He became famous in 2020 by posting political and old video clips of US politicians, most of them making dire statements against their current political parties, to YouTube. These video clips went viral and were viewed by millions of people around the world.

In one of his videos, Andrew Kaczynski captioned it: “Beneful or not, Obama is still our President-elect.” And in another, he says, “The President has undergone brain surgery.” He has also compared Obama’s health care plan with that of Senator Ted Kennedy.

The curious baby killer in the news made quite an interesting point when he said, “we will always be a bean-bag hole in our hearts for her.” I personally found this comment to be highly amusing. This is nothing more than an over the top mean-spirited ploy to make himself look good. As if suggesting that Obama is a peanut will make anyone think he is being honest. We are a country of free speech, after all. It is amazing how many people feel that it is okay to degrade an elected official over matters such as his wife’s personal health.

Kaczynski, like many reporters, works very hard and is a hard worker. He probably feels that he is doing the best he can with what he has been given. He probably believes that he has done a good job. And it is not necessarily about his job being better or worse than anyone else. We have all had bad days and had things we wished we could change, but it is not so far fetched to believe that Obama’s wife is some sort of HOA villain that made him think he should stick with the “reliable” New York Times.

I am not sure if I am more upset at the obituary or at the reporter Andrew Kaczynski for thinking that was the best way to phrase his words. I guess we will all just have to agree to disagree. And the reporter was definitely correct in his reporting that Obama had a short life lived, just as he said in the book that he had been given. It’s only human to make a mistake and as anyone who knows Obama well will tell you, the fact that he had two wives before he became President, plus his two daughters, plus grandparents, and so on, is simply to create the illusion that he is a person who is not defined by his circumstances or the people around him.

After reading the obituary, I was actually hoping that Andrew Kaczynski would write a piece or a book about what a wonderful father he had for his daughter, because I know what it is like to have a parent die before your eyes, and also the experience of having a daughter who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I know how frightening it is to have a child say they don’t want to live because of the life-altering treatments that are available. I also know how difficult it can be to try to make sense of all this information. I have been online researching it for some time now, and I have discovered that there is an organization called Brain Power. Brain Power is a program developed by neurologists, and doctors, as well as others, to help parents and children cope with traumatic brain injury as well as other challenges that affect their lives.

The program was founded by Dr. Edward Cutler, a world-famous cardiologist. His wife, Sarah Cutler, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which required surgery to remove part of her skull. She passed away five months later, but his love of medicine and his dedication to making a difference in his patient’s lives continue to inspire others. He created Brain Power through the gift of his own life, and now through the work of many other amazing doctors and scientists, a new hope for those suffering from devastating brain injuries and illnesses is at hand.

If you are suffering from a brain tumor or another devastating medical condition, and you need someone to guide you and help you cope with your daily struggles, you will be inspired by what Andrew Kaczynski has done. He is a strong leader who inspires those around him, and he is also able to bring a perspective to problems that can seem overwhelming with great insight and wisdom. Anyone who is fighting a challenge such as this, whether personally or as a Senator, should consider looking up Brain Power. It is a program that can make a real difference in the lives of others and turn can inspire them to do the same. Stop struggling, and get on board.

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