A Christmas Story (Movie Review)

A Christmas Story (Movie Review)

A Christmas Story is one of those rare gems that are actually worth watching just for the pure fun of it. Most movies during this holiday season try to be too serious and somewhat corny. This movie manages to be both, with several hilarious scenes and original characters that will make this movie well worth your time.

There are many reasons why A Christmas Story is such a classic. For one, it’s a short film. As a result, there isn’t a lot of buildups, exposition, or other forms of long, drawn-out story. It’s more of a spontaneous event that takes place within the span of one day. The characters are also very minimalistic, with just enough going on to establish the basic premise and keep the viewers entertained. The storyline itself isn’t exceptionally complex or intricate, but it’s enough to provide the viewer with enough intrigue to keep them coming back for more no matter how long it gets.

One of the greatest attributes of A Christmas Story is how it doesn’t try to be anything more than a short movie. The entire thing is less than thirty minutes long, and it’s a great deal of fun. While there are moments that do drag out for a few minutes, they’re nothing more than a quick reference to events that happen later in the film. There’s also a lot of funny characters throughout the film, which makes the film just a fun and light-hearted comedy. Of course, there are also some sentimental elements to A Christmas Story as well.

There are several different plotlines to this short film. It starts with Candy Cornfield, an aspiring actress, moving to San Francisco to live with her sister and brother (long time friends). They all celebrate Christmas one night at their friends’ house, and Candy accidentally drops her ice cream cone on the doorstep of their landlord. The landlord decides to give her a nice tip, and Candy can’t resist running off to the candy store to celebrate. Once there, she overhears her old friend, Ginger Petrow, discussing the incident with her boss.

After discovering the truth about Ginger and Christmas, they both decide that they want to use their talents to become successful people. So they set out to buy a billboard along the Sunset Strip, but things go horribly wrong. They run out of money and are barely scraping by. This is where the plot starts to unfold. They spend much of the rest of the money on rent and food, but they have enough left over to buy a billboard.

Throughout the film, the audience is kept laughing. There isn’t any dialogue in A Christmas Story, so the actors don’t need to compensate for their lack of skills. They simply have hilarious one-liners that keep the viewers rolling. One such hilarious short is when Candy is asked to sing a song, and she manages to slip a few barbs into the lyrics without trying too hard. It then becomes obvious that the barbs were in fact real barbs!

Another standout short scene involves Candy getting out of an airplane while screaming at the top of her lungs. The film is filled with moments like this, and it’s something that the audience loves. They love watching a woman lose her mind and scream like crazy, only to be saved by the plane crashing into the ground a few seconds later. It’s one of the funniest scenes in the entire film. What makes A Christmas Story such a classic is the way that the filmmakers choose the different characters that they include in the picture.

Sure, the lead character is annoying and the lead girl is stupid, but none of that is the reason that this movie should even exist. Instead, the movie’s popularity is owed to the fact that anyone who has ever seen it, knows just how great it is. It may not have the same kind of unique animation that other animated films have, but it doesn’t matter because the quality of the film is good. That combined with the fact that A Christmas Story is just a fun time for the audience to make this one of the best films of all-time. Watch this movie whenever you can, because chances are you’ll never forget it.

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